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Upregulating Positive Emotions

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Upregulating Positive Emotions: Giving people more happiness each day

The problem

Because of the pandemic and political conflict, people around the world are experiencing high levels of anxiety and stress. This leads to additional problems in health, relationships, productivity, and more.

Our solution

As a lab team, we've compiled over 200 techniques for upregulating positive emotion (the largest collection ever). We are now exploring, through design and research, how to match people with the best techniques. For example, our lab just began offering a 20-minute online training program for the general public. On the research side, our data show that this program significantly increases people's confidence in upregulating emotions at times of need.

Our impact

As our lab develops new tools and training for emotion regulation, we hope to give people around the world new resources and skills so they can feel more positive emotions throughout their day.