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What is Behavior Design?

Behavior Design is a new approach to understanding human behavior and how to design for behavior change. Based on the work of Dr. BJ Fogg, Behavior Design offers a comprehensive set of models and methods that work together to give you a systematic set of tools for thinking and designing.

The purpose of Behavior Design is to empower you to create solutions to help people with positive behavior change.

What we do

Ten years ago, our Stanford research team coined the phrase "Behavior Design" while creating the Behavior Wizard project and 15 guides about behavior change.

Today, after ten years of research and innovation, the Behavior Design Lab uses the models and methods of this systematic approach to conduct research, share insights, and create practical solutions to help people become happier and healthier.

Ethics of Persuasive Tech

We are proud of the work we did over the years around Persuasive Technology and while our work has moved away from this arena, we hope anyone looking to design persuasive technologies will review the work we have done on ethics and focus their research and efforts on positive change and helping people succeed and feel successful at doing what they already want to do.