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Rosetta Project

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Rosetta Project: Translating Stanford insights into practical solutions

The problem

Stanford researchers have discovered many insights that can help people flourish. However, in the vast majority of cases, those research insights have not been translated into practical products or programs. As a result, Stanford is missing a big opportunity to help people flourish.

Our solution

Encouraged by the Stanford Office of Development, our lab has taken on the challenge of translating research insights into practical program. We will do this using our skills in Behavior Design. That means research, design, testing, and iteration. After we show that a new program works (with Stanford students, for example), we will then use Stanford's resources to scale the program beyond campus.

Our impact

This project will benefit Stanford researchers who seek to have impact in the real world. Outside of Stanford, this project will help many people flourish, as our lab develops and shares science-based interventions for a global audience.